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Our company works in a very fast-paced and very dynamic environment to provide product installations all over the United States. These projects require a need for both short-term and long-term storage with in and out service requirements. Regardless of the size of our contracts and the immediate needs of our contracts, Adam at ADC has always been an integral part of our team and contributes greatly to our smooth corporate operations. We appreciate his flexibility. He goes above and beyond – every time. Thank you, Adam…

MIDWEST BOX COMPANY We have been dealing with ADC Trucking/Warehousing for 18 years. They have always, almost without exception, done a great job at meeting all of our needs. Making things right if there ever was an issue. They are very trustworthy with any products they have stored and released to our customers. All inventory was and is always correct and double-checked for accuracy. They have always been courteous and professional in all of our dealings with them. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for warehousing needs. I am sure they would get the same high-quality service and pricing that we have. Simon Tucker Plant Manager Midwest Box Co.

ADC is a key strategic warehousing partner to ATS Logistics. ADC continues to bring value to our Supply Chain through improved processes and exceptional customer Service. Rich Phillips Director of Operations ATS Logistics

My company reached out to Adam at ADC Warehouse. We were up against it with a re-routed load that the current driver wasn’t able to get there due to a lack of hours. We told Adam we need to trans-load the freight and swing onto a fresh driver who could run the load requirements. There was a lot of traffic when both trucks arrived. But Adam and his staff cleared 2 docks for us right away and made this happen in a matter of minutes. He knew we were in a major jam, but the rate he quoted us was his standard crossdock. There was no expedite fee, even though it was last minute. He could’ve easily charged whatever he wanted. But chose to provide a fair, market rate for his service. I would highly recommend ADC Warehouse for anyone who has the need. Brad Bertke President VIP Logistics Systems

I started doing warehousing and distribution business with ADC Warehouse / ADC Trucking in November 2015. As with all transfer of products to a new supplier, you would expect to work through some startup concerns. We experienced zero problems with the initial transfer and inventory count and storage. Over the last 4 months of the re-distribution of our product, all inventory pulls and shipments have been 100% accurate. I could not ask for a better supplier of the inventory and distribution of our product to our 850 restores across the U.S. I am very thankful and blessed for the work ADC Warehouse puts into making us successful. Allen W. Thornton Director, Logistics ReStore Support Group Habitat For Humanity International

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